Sept 6,2005

Already feeling the spirit of upcoming Christmas time...

I woke up by 7:00am then I already fixed my self to prepare going to office. I really have a nice morning so I greeted each one of my co-employees a great morning.

After that, I was being asked by my other co-employees to supervise & help them in decorating our office for Christmas & I said yes to them without hesitation. We built out 7ft. Christmas tree & wow it's very fulfilling coz I already felt the spirit of Christmas though it's too early.

We finished decorating at least half of our office by lunch break. We then eat our lunch after that I took a nap by 30 minutes as usual. When I report again to office, I then started to do my accounting stuffs.

3:00pm our visitors from Bureau of Customs came to made some auditing. Gladly we were prepared especially our documentations were just fine. My smile the whole day was never gone. Though there were times that I felt negative vibe, I control myself to still be patient & positive & besides Christmas time is upcoming so there no reason to be upset at all.

By 9:00pm I already took a bath & change to my sleeping wear. Then, by 9:30pm, I watched T.V. with my other housemates. We watched the reality TV of story of real life entitled Pinoy Big Brother. We had a great time watching of it coz we have different bet from the 12 delegates. It was being aired every night so I'll be watching it every night too. I sleep by 10:30 pm after praying & thanking God for giving me a great day & hoping to have the same day ahead of me.

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