Aug 30,2005

Having a very bad headache the whole day while working...

I haven't sleep well last night for the reason I really don't know that's why when I report in the office in the morning I felt like I'm drank & I was very very sleepy.

Anyways, the whole morning I was then starting to do the reports to be given to my boss in Singapore that will be due on Friday. I intentionally wanted to finish my reports earlier so that I will not be in rush when Friday came.

In the afternoon, during lunch break, in as much as I wanted to at least took a nap to lessen my headache, the problem is I really can't sleep, so I go back again to the office. I'm in front of my computer & still doing my accounting works.

I already went out from the office by 6:00pm then I go directly to my room & my bed. I was trying to sleep coz my migraine is really affecting me. By 8:00pm, I felt hungry so I eat my dinner & I will already take pain reliever.

After I change my clothing to sleeping wear my board mate voluntarily told me that she would massage my head to lessen the pain. Maybe she already felt pity towards me. After she had massage my head I then felt a little comfortable her touch really help me. By 9:00pm, I could felt asleep.

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Aug 21,2005

Enjoying Sunday weekend with my friends...

I have received a text message from my best friend saying that our happy girls out is already confirm. So by 8:00am I already stood up from my bed & took my breakfast. I just helped my sister doing the household chores then after that I already took a bath & prepare myself to go back to Manila to meet my friends there.

I left home at around 10:30am. I travelled 1 _ hour to reach SM Megamall (MMG Category) which is our hang out place. I already found my 3 best friends waiting for me.

Fortunately, it's already 12:00noon so time for us to eat lunch. We decided to go to the Food court area to choose our prefer meals. While eating we start our talking & laughing to our different stories. By 3:00pm we unanimously decided to play bowling in the basement area of the mall. We played 2 on 2 games coz we are four girls. We did played up to 10 sets. It's kind of tiring but worthwhile coz we really have a best time. By 5:30pm we just took merienda in Jollibee.

Then after an hour we already leave from Megamall to go the church in Crossing. The mass started by 7:00pm & did finished after 1 _ hour. After the mass we already parted ways to our each houses. I am very very happy coz I have a very meaningful time spent with my best friends. They really help me to lessen the pressures from work & everything. I did slept by 11:00pm.

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Aug 15,2005

Surprised by the visit of a very close friend...

It's Monday, and thanks God coz it's our salary day... I have so many payables he he... Anyways, by 9:00am I already talked with our bank for them to assess & process the payroll of the whole company.

After 30 minutes the bank just confirmed to me that they were done processing our salary. The whole morning, I was then busy doing the Sales Report needed by my boss. By 12:00 noon I took my lunch, and then I just took a rest but not took a nap. By 3:00pm, I was surprised coz I received a call from a friend who lived in Bicol and she's telling me that she would want to go to my place.

I happily give her the direction of our office. After our conversation in the phone, my boss then called me in her office. We discussed the status of the sales performance of the company. We also talked about the upcoming visit of our boss from Singapore to our office.

We finished our meeting by 5:00pm and gosh! My friend is already waiting at me in the reception area for almost an hour. We hugged each other & telling at least short stories to each other. She's the one that got married in Bicol. I went to their place last month to be her maid of honor.

She & her husband just came to Manila last Sunday to stay here for good. That's why I'm so happy coz she will not be that far from me again. By 6:00pm we went to her home just near our place. She stayed in Pineda, Pasig so we could easily see each other anytime we wanted. We talked & laughed to our both stories. I'm glad that the man that my friend had married is a good man so I'm rest assured that she’s in good hands. I got home by 9:00pm.

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Aug 10,2005

Accompanying my boss to see her doctor...

I woke up by 7:15 in the morning, and then I already took a bath & fixed my self. I reported in the office by 7:57am. As I sat in my chair & look into my working papers, I knew that the whole day would be a very busy day for me.

I then, started checking my reports in my PC. By 10:00am, I received a call from my boss telling me that she's not doing well, that she has flu so she's asking me to accompany her going to the hospital in the afternoon. I have no choice so I just agreed.

Actually my personal communication & interaction with my boss has already changed after I have known about the bad things that she's saying about me if I not around the office. I just make things professionally so I don't want to get close with her anymore.

By 2:00pm, we went to Medical City to see her doctor there. We wait until 3:30pm before she's been check up. After the medical check up we bought her medicine. By 5:00pm we came back to the office. My working schedule has been disturbed so I just do some petty things that I could finish by 1 hour.

I went out from the office by 6:00pm. After that I & my other office mates went to Pioneer supermarket to buy some snacks. We ate shawarma & drinks. After that we came back to our house, and then we ate our dinner together. By 8:30pm, I already went to my room, coz I just felt sleepy. I then, cleaned my self & by 9:30pm I have sleep.

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Aug 4,2005

Not a very good day for me...

I haven't sleep last night coz there something happened a day before that evening. My assistant sent a message to me telling me that he was mad at me for the reason that I don't know. I tried to ask him what I have done but he never replied me.

So when I enter our office I invited him to talk what had happened but he refused. The whole day, I can't work. My mind is in confusion, so I just stayed in our reception area to relax my mind coz we stayed in the same office room.Then, by 3:00pm, I received a message from him & he finally agreed to talk with me after office hours.

By 6:00pm, I just first went outside coz I need to get a package for me given by my friend in Cebu. By 7:30pm I ate my dinner. After that, we talk at last. I was trembling that moment coz I don't know if I can accept whatever he would say to me. Then he started talking & I listened carefully. After he talked, I then realized that gossip is the reason at all.

I was shocked that the person who making some gossip against me is my Filipina boss. I almost cried after I heard everything. My boss wanted to have a competition between me & my assistant. And the worse thing I've discovered is that my boss is insecure to me & she's thinking that I will take her position coz the people in the office obeying me more than her.

I don't know how to react with that but I know that I can sense even before that my boss sometimes act differently. My assistant just said that he's very sorry to me & I accepted it.

I just told him that I know from my heart & God knows that my intentions are pure & I never intend to hurt somebody. I sleep by 10:30pm after I prayed. I just leave everything to my God to guide me coz I don't know if I could long to work with my boss anymore.

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Aug 2,2005

A very simple day of mine...

I woke up by 7:00 in the morning & then I already took a bath & prepare myself going to the office. I entered into the office 10 minutes before 8:00am. The whole morning, I finished doing the Cash Position of the company for the whole month.

Then, by 12:00noon lunch break, after eating my lunch, I took a nap. I set my clock 10 minutes before 1:00pm.

When I entered into the office again, I already started to do & check my accounting books. I did the preparation in closing all of my accounts for the month of July.

By 6:00pm, I came out of the office, then, I already eat my dinner with my co-board mates. We eat fried rice & grilled fish that's why I have eaten a lot. After that, I just took a rest by watching television until 9:00pm. Then, I already went to my room, I cleaned myself then I read my book afterwards while preparing to sleep by 10:00pm.

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Aug 1,2005

A busy but happy Sunday for me...

I woke up by 9:00am. I was in my boarding house in Pasig (MMG Category)so there was no mother whom I expect to cook for my breakfast. So, I just drink my coffee & I cooked instant noodles. After that, I cleaned my room.

By 11:00am, I cooked Sinigang na Baboy that is requested by my board mates for our lunch. After we eat, by 1:00pm, I do my laundry. I finished by 2:30pm. Then, I immediately, took a bath & prepare myself coz I need to meet my best friend in Shangri-La Mall (MMG Category).

We have a heart to heart talk. We both knew from each other that we do have lots of problems, so we do counselling to refresh our mind. We talked seriously & with honesty. After we have cleared our hearts, we then order coz we are hungry already. We only ordered bacon with mushroom burger & fries & drinks. While eating we already cheered up. We talked about our funny happenings for the past weeks.

By 7:30pm, we then went to the church just near from the said Mall. The mass has ended by 9:00pm. We then parted ways after that. When I reach home, I found my board mates hanging in our veranda, so I sat with them. Actually, they beg me to prepare coffee for them & because I want to be nice that time coz I just came from the church, I just agreed with them. We talked & laughed until 11:00pm. I slept by 12; 00 midnight.

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