Jan 26,2006

I studied all day and night...

Itユs about three days ago when I asked my boss that I would want to take a one day leave from work coz I have to study to prepare myself for my first preliminary board examination.

So this is it, Thursday, when I would spend my leave. I woke up just the same with the time when I am reporting in the office. I also took a bath but this time I would only be staying in my room to concentrate with my so many books and so many review materials (pity for me). So, I started reading and analyzing those tedious books of mine at nine oユclock. Imagine, I have eight subjects to study, five of it is about my major that is accounting, one management, one taxation and one business law.

These subjects that I have to give my 100 percent to make me fulfilled. Itユs some kind of boring thing to do but I love it coz this is the life I chose besides it would only take me until May of this year to sacrifice some of my happy happy moments with my friends.

So after I took my lunch I go back again with my books until 7pm came and my stomach is already shouting on me. After eating my dinner, I gave myself time to refresh my mind by watching television for about an hour.

Then I can sense myself that I was tired already but itユs not right to feel that way so before studying again, I first read one of my favourite inspirational book that is about God to give me strength. I came back studying by 9:00pm and I would able to finished reviewing by 1:30am.

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Jan 20,2006

Another day to spend in Cebu before going back to Manila...

I heard already the voice of my boss and waking me up coz it’s already 8:00 in the morning. After we had fixed ourselves, we went downstairs to the buffet counter to have our breakfast.

We already found our Sales representative in Cebu waiting for us in one table. After eating we went back to our room coz we’ll be having a meeting to assess and the performance of our sales representative.

We had finished our meeting by twelve noon. After that we already prepare ourselves for check-out in the hotel. Upon check-out our driver yesterday is already waiting for us outside. We rented him again coz we appreciate his good performance.

We’ll be going to our other client located in Sibonga, Cebu that is on the southern part of Cebu, its about two hours travel from the city. We eat our lunch in the restaurant just nearby the town of Sibonga. I was so so full coz I really loved what I ate, I ordered sea foods like fish and grilled squid and mango shake.

Anyways, we went already to our client by 3:00pm and we would able to finish our meeting with them by 4:30pm. Our flight is 7:30pm so we need to rush to the airport for check-in, luckily we would able to reach the airport by 6:30pm.

We reached Manila by 8:45pm, and our company driver is already waiting for us. I felt that I was very hungry so when I arrived home then eat my dinner. Before I sleep, I drink some milk to regain my energy to have a good condition on my work the next day.

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Jan 17,2006

Emergency meeting in Cebu...

I woke up by 4:00 early in the morning coz my boss and I have to leave going to Cebu this morning coz our one of the big client in Cebu has a problem in connection to the product that we delivered, and it is our responsibility to answer their request to settle the problem.

Our flight is 7:30am and we arrived to Cebu after an hour. Upon arrival to airport of Mactan, Cebu we first went to the hotel just located in the vicinity of Central Cebu City to leave our things and some important stuff in the room. We rented a car to bring us to the place of our clients in different part of Cebu.

We went first to Mandaue, Cebu wherein this is the client who has a big problem that we need to settle. We would a have to talked with the plant manager and purchasing manager of the company and luckily they were very polite in accommodating us as their supplier. We went to their plant site and we had come up to the conclusion that we have to replace our delivered goods to them due to some technical problem.

After that we eat in the restaurant just nearby. And then, in order to maximize our visit, we went also to the place of our other big client in Carmen, Cebu.

We would able to talk with the purchasing manager. After a while during our conversation, the manager invited me and my boss in the bar in Ayala, Cebu in the evening. And because we don’t have any option but to agree, we decided to meet by 7:00pm in the said place to eat dinner and watch a live band in the bar afterwards. I’ve been to Cebu for almost four times but this is my first time to have some good time at night that place so this situation is very unusual for me.

But the most funny thing is that my boss just told me that she thinks that our client like me. Actually, I’ve noticed it also coz he always asking me to dance and his actions is very indifferent. The situation for me is very uneasy but my boss just advice me to just pretend that everything is normal. So what I did is I act very formal in front them.

We leave the bar by 12:00 midnight already that’s why I and my boss were very sleepy. We went back to the hotel and then sleep in an instant coz we have to regain our energy coz we also have appointments to our other client in the next day.

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Jan 13,2006

Doing my usual work and study afterwards...

I was able to sleep that good last night maybe because I really have simple but happy time yesterday, away from pressures brought by my work ha ha. So as I reported in the office by 8:00am, I greeted each one of my co-employees a good morning. I can sense that my mood is just doing great thatユs why I work very relaxing and my temper is not that hot unlike last time wherein my patience is always absent every time I work. Taking at least a one day leave really help me a lot especially towards my attitude at work.

By 12:00 noon, I took my lunch, after the same as usual I took a nap for 30 minutes. By 1:30 pm, I left from the office to go to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) in Pasig City Hall (MMG Category) to let our book of accounts be signed by the Revenue District Head. This is being done annually so the government would have a control in the books of each company.

I have come back to the office by 3:30 pm, I then sit again in front of my table and computer to re-start my work, and am now closing my 2005 financial statements. I left the office by 7:00pm.

After eating our dinner, I prepared my review materials like books and hands out. I started studying by 8:00pm until 1:30 am. Actually, I am now cramming in my review coz my first pre-board would be on the end of this month so I do really need to study hard. I was too tired and very very sleepy so I slept in an instant without fixing my papers in my bed.

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Jan 12,2006

Having some good times with my best friend....

Itユs Thursday in the morning and I woke up by 8:00am already. Itユs because I took a one-day leave in the office. My Filipina boss just advise me yesterday to take a leave maybe she already noticed that I was too overworked coz yesterday am really was snobbish and I couldnユt smile already.

Anyways, as I woke up, I then took a bath and prepare myself coz Iユll be meeting my best friend by 10:00am, we will be having many plans to spend the whole day just right for both of us. My best friend and I met by 10:30am, we went first to Timog Avenue, Quezon City (MMG Category) to went to the photo shop coz I would want to have taken my graduation picture to the photo shop where she had her picture besides according to her it is a nice photo shop.

The problem was she forgot the exact location of the photo shop coz it was last 2002 since she had her pictorial for her graduation picture. We walked and walked under the direct heat of the sun. Coz we couldnユt found it at once we asked a pedicab driver if he knew the said photo shop and according to him it was already transferred to Panay Avenue.

It was already 12:00 in the afternoon, and we were very hungry thatユs why we decided to just go back to Megamall (MMG Category) to find other photo shop there and we finally found one in the 5th floor of the said mall. It was still 2:00 pm, and my pictorial would be 3:30pm so we just decided first to eat our lunch.

We went to food court and we ordered in the Cebuanoユs cuisine. After eating, we went back to the photo shop upstairs. My pictorial finished by 4:30pm. After that, we went to Guadalupe using MRT (Loute Map | MMG Station) to go to the recruitment agency coz my best friend is applying for abroad in Saudi Arabia as Medical Technologist.

While she was answering her application, I then help her in preparing her credentials like resume, transcript, employment certificate, recommendation and so many things. We finished preparing all the requirements by 6:00pm. We just advised by the personnel to come back on Tuesday for examination.

After that, we went to Shangri-La Mall (MMG Category) particularly in the food court; we ordered pizza and drinks in Greenwich. While eating we talked and talked and laughed about our each crazy and funny story. We parted ways by 9:00pm. I reached our house by 9:30pm. Itユs been a tiring day but absolutely it has been a very happy day for me.

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