Mar 14,2006

Having a busy but great Monday morning…

My mother woke me up by 5:00 in the morning, I was in Pililla (my province) coz I went home last night coz I really am missed my family. I haven’t been there for almost two months. My mother already prepared my breakfast in the table; she cooked fried egg, fried fish and fried rice for my meal. She also mixed a coffee for me. She was able to prepare the hot water for me in taking a bath. Wow, what had been a great morning for me, it’s been two months also since I haven’t took my breakfast that’s why I really am missed the cooking of my mother especially her caring. Anyways, I went back to Manila by 6:00am. I was late reporting in the office for about 15 minutes. I then sat to my table in front of my computer and started my work. My boss will be going to Jakarta, Indonesia this coming Thursday that’s why she asked me to prepare for her the necessary reports that she’ll be needed in her meeting there. I would able to somehow finished part of the report by 10:30pm. I ate my dinner then, after that I took a bath. I would able to sleep well coz I am truly tired.

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Mar 1,2006

Considering other people’s wellbeing by not leaving them...

I woke up by 7:00 in the morning, and then I took a bath. Five minutes before 8:00am I reported in the office. It's Wednesday so I'll be meeting finally my boss since she will be back this morning from her business trip. I would want to talk to her to discuss about my plan to transfer in the place of my best friend in Pasay (MMG Category).

She entered our office by 11:00am with our Singaporean supplier so with that scenario I could sense that she's very busy and that she has no time at all. I was very disappointed but then I still have to go back to my table and work again.

In the afternoon there's one thing that happen in the office that caught my attention. Our people in production and our sales coordinator just got a very big mistake in terms of delivery and this mistakes costs the company to almost Php 110,000.00 due to lack of coordination. My boss was very mad. In as much as I wanted to hide or at least help them to lessen their accountability, I cannot do anything that's why I felt so pity for them.

In this event, I guess I could not take to leave them. I may not be the person to definitely help them but I could supervise them in my little way. And when I ask one of my co-employees that I would transfer to Pasay, she insisted me not to leave. Actually, I'm now in confusion, and because it's Wednesday and as a start of the Lenten Season, Catholic people are now celebrating the Ash Wednesday.

I went to Church by 6:00pm to attend the mass. It ended by 7:30pm, and it's raining outside the church so I have to wait until it stopped for a little. I arrived home by 8:00pm. I change my wet clothes due to rain and then I already eat my dinner. After that I called up my best friend to seek for her advice and opinion.

Upon our conversation, we realized that in moment like this my patience would have to function and that I have to consider about other people. I'm not closing the chance of me to transfer but I guess this is not the right time. I slept by 11:00pm after I had read a chapter of my book.

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Feb 27,2006

Planning to transfer place of livingノ

I made up my mind. I would really want to transfer from my place here in Pasig (MMG); I badly need some sort of space. As I mentioned before I was living with my other co-employees and almost with my Filipina boss just up stair our office. The company provided us our board and lodging to be comfortable.

But since, my house is just in the premises of my work, there some certain limits that being touched. What I mean is, I felt that I cannot breathe anymore coz I have to work 24 hours a day since my office is just around.

Also, there are things that I cannot control like I already felt very uneasy coz some of my co-employees were seems annoyed towards me in the reason or reasons that I really don't know why.

My best friends tell me before that we cannot avoid jealousy and competition in the office. Though in my heart I'm not feeling that way, still it's hard for me so my remedy is to transfer a place.

On Wednesday, I would talk with my boss when she comes back from her out of town trip to have her consent. Her approval means a lot to me so I'm praying that thing will turn out just fine.

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Feb 22,2006

Trying to work effectively…

I woke up by 7:30am and I was in a rush coz if not I would be late. Unfortunately, I was late. I got up from my bed too late coz my migraine haunted me last night that’s why I could not sleep that early.

Anyways, I enter our office by 8:20am, as I sit in my chair and in front of my computer, unfortunately again, I cannot booth my computer. That is why I guess this would not be a good day for me.

I ask my co-employees to do something, so after 30 minutes; he would able to open it. I almost started my work at around 9:00am. By 12:00 noon we took our lunch, while eating, I let myself watching TV to at least refresh my mind and myself.

I reported again in the office by 1:00pm. Then I went out by 8:00pm. Actually, in as much as I would like to be effective in my work, my senses were really not working. I guess, I’m just tired enough. I cannot review also after work coz I know that I could absorb whatever I should study. So by 9:00pm after eating dinner and cleaning myself, I lied down to my bed and just sleep and hoping to have a better day tomorrow.

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