Feb 22,2006

Trying to work effectively…

I woke up by 7:30am and I was in a rush coz if not I would be late. Unfortunately, I was late. I got up from my bed too late coz my migraine haunted me last night that’s why I could not sleep that early.

Anyways, I enter our office by 8:20am, as I sit in my chair and in front of my computer, unfortunately again, I cannot booth my computer. That is why I guess this would not be a good day for me.

I ask my co-employees to do something, so after 30 minutes; he would able to open it. I almost started my work at around 9:00am. By 12:00 noon we took our lunch, while eating, I let myself watching TV to at least refresh my mind and myself.

I reported again in the office by 1:00pm. Then I went out by 8:00pm. Actually, in as much as I would like to be effective in my work, my senses were really not working. I guess, I’m just tired enough. I cannot review also after work coz I know that I could absorb whatever I should study. So by 9:00pm after eating dinner and cleaning myself, I lied down to my bed and just sleep and hoping to have a better day tomorrow.

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