Feb 27,2006

Planning to transfer place of livingノ

I made up my mind. I would really want to transfer from my place here in Pasig (MMG); I badly need some sort of space. As I mentioned before I was living with my other co-employees and almost with my Filipina boss just up stair our office. The company provided us our board and lodging to be comfortable.

But since, my house is just in the premises of my work, there some certain limits that being touched. What I mean is, I felt that I cannot breathe anymore coz I have to work 24 hours a day since my office is just around.

Also, there are things that I cannot control like I already felt very uneasy coz some of my co-employees were seems annoyed towards me in the reason or reasons that I really don't know why.

My best friends tell me before that we cannot avoid jealousy and competition in the office. Though in my heart I'm not feeling that way, still it's hard for me so my remedy is to transfer a place.

On Wednesday, I would talk with my boss when she comes back from her out of town trip to have her consent. Her approval means a lot to me so I'm praying that thing will turn out just fine.

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