Mar 1,2006

Considering other people’s wellbeing by not leaving them...

I woke up by 7:00 in the morning, and then I took a bath. Five minutes before 8:00am I reported in the office. It's Wednesday so I'll be meeting finally my boss since she will be back this morning from her business trip. I would want to talk to her to discuss about my plan to transfer in the place of my best friend in Pasay (MMG Category).

She entered our office by 11:00am with our Singaporean supplier so with that scenario I could sense that she's very busy and that she has no time at all. I was very disappointed but then I still have to go back to my table and work again.

In the afternoon there's one thing that happen in the office that caught my attention. Our people in production and our sales coordinator just got a very big mistake in terms of delivery and this mistakes costs the company to almost Php 110,000.00 due to lack of coordination. My boss was very mad. In as much as I wanted to hide or at least help them to lessen their accountability, I cannot do anything that's why I felt so pity for them.

In this event, I guess I could not take to leave them. I may not be the person to definitely help them but I could supervise them in my little way. And when I ask one of my co-employees that I would transfer to Pasay, she insisted me not to leave. Actually, I'm now in confusion, and because it's Wednesday and as a start of the Lenten Season, Catholic people are now celebrating the Ash Wednesday.

I went to Church by 6:00pm to attend the mass. It ended by 7:30pm, and it's raining outside the church so I have to wait until it stopped for a little. I arrived home by 8:00pm. I change my wet clothes due to rain and then I already eat my dinner. After that I called up my best friend to seek for her advice and opinion.

Upon our conversation, we realized that in moment like this my patience would have to function and that I have to consider about other people. I'm not closing the chance of me to transfer but I guess this is not the right time. I slept by 11:00pm after I had read a chapter of my book.

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