Feb 20,2006

Making an important decision...

It was already one week after I received a proposal from our chairmen and chairwomen (called Hermanos and Hermanas) who are our appointed leaders in the community particularly our church in organizing our yearly "Flores de Mayo" (Flowers of May - Saturday) and Santa Cruzan (Holy Cross - Sunday).

It is a festive event in our town with a main purpose of honouring our Sacred Jesus Christ and His Mother Blessed Virgin Mary. In this manner, ladies will be requested to parade all over the town proper and wearing a nice, elegant and prominent gown to show the different personality and beauty of Mary.

Hence, I felt very uneasy coz our leaders was asking me to be the Reyna Elena (Queen of Eternity) in the Santa Cruzan wherein it is the highest position in that event that is why I was very worried for almost one week coz I have to make a decision whether I would accept the offer or not.

There are so many things that worries me like first, Reyna Elena would be needed to declaim in front of so many people a 3 pages long narration about Mary and Jesus Christ, and I really don't know if I have the confidence to do that coz I have a sickness called nervous attack.

Secondly, I am now studying and reviewing in preparation for my board examination which will be held also on May this year, so I don't think if I have a time to prepare for that event.

Lastly, I have this fear of walking all over the town proper especially facing so many people in a nice dress and afraid of hearing different criticism from them. To lessen my worries and help me to decide, I ask my best friends, family and close relatives about their opinion. And I got a unanimous answer from them.

All of them advised me to accept the offer. They told me that it is a rare opportunity to be the main part of honouring Blessed Virgin Mary. Also all of them encourage me to boost my confidence and they promise to help me in preparing in that event.

Personally, I have this instinct that maybe God is helping me to face my fears and build my personality. Also, I think that this would be one of the best ways for me to serve Her. So by, 3:00pm, I gave my message to the leaders informing them that I finally accepted their offer. Maybe it would be hard for me in way due to my limited time but I just leave everything to GOD coz whatever happens, I know that He will guide me and bless me along the way.

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