Mar 14,2006

Having a busy but great Monday morning…

My mother woke me up by 5:00 in the morning, I was in Pililla (my province) coz I went home last night coz I really am missed my family. I haven’t been there for almost two months. My mother already prepared my breakfast in the table; she cooked fried egg, fried fish and fried rice for my meal. She also mixed a coffee for me. She was able to prepare the hot water for me in taking a bath. Wow, what had been a great morning for me, it’s been two months also since I haven’t took my breakfast that’s why I really am missed the cooking of my mother especially her caring. Anyways, I went back to Manila by 6:00am. I was late reporting in the office for about 15 minutes. I then sat to my table in front of my computer and started my work. My boss will be going to Jakarta, Indonesia this coming Thursday that’s why she asked me to prepare for her the necessary reports that she’ll be needed in her meeting there. I would able to somehow finished part of the report by 10:30pm. I ate my dinner then, after that I took a bath. I would able to sleep well coz I am truly tired.

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